Stock Running Low on Solar Eclipse Photography Gear at B&H

If you’re preparing to photograph the total solar eclipse on August 21st, please be warned that stock is running very low on solar glasses, filters, and other necessary gear. B&H put together a great how-to portal for the big eclipse event, but unfortunately most of their gear is now sold out or backordered.

Luckily there are still a few great gear options in-stock for photographing the eclipse. (Including one of our favorites, a LEE Filter system kit!)

Please also note that the ND filters above are safe for photography, but not safe for viewing — you will also need solar glasses (that block UV and other parts of the spectrum not blocked by a neutral density filter). Here is what is still in-stock at B&H (beware of many fakes that are being sold on other platforms):

Don’t wait, as these items are selling fast, and be sure to check out the B&H how-to portal.

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