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Holiday Deals 2014 — Recap of Last Minute Deals


This post is a recap of all the major Holiday deals still available, as of Wednesday, December 17th! Some can still get to you with free shipping before Christmas, but not for much longer!

5D Mark III


7D Mark II



Minor Canon Direct Store Restock – 15% Off + Discount In Cart


If you’re trying to play the refurb lottery, there have been little mini-restocks all morning. Here is the latest one. Set notifications via the refurbished stock tracker! The sale ends tomorrow.

Newly Added Refurbs: 16-35mm f/4L IS $715, EF-S 10-18 $193


Another surprise — the Canon Direct Store just added two new refurbished ultra-wide-angle zoom lenses to their listings today.

This is the first time we’ve seen these lenses refurbished. They are currently at 15% off + an additional discount in cart, so these are great prices. Thanks Ian & Kent for the heads-up!

Street Price Specials: 16-35 f/4L $999 AR, Sigma Art, 7D II, 600EX-RT


We have some last minute street price specials, brand new from Canon USA authorized dealers with full Canon USA warranty (no gray market here). Some specials have limited time durations, so please note this carefully. Free shipping with all deals.

  1. TODAY ONLY SPECIAL: We’re pleased to bring back our Cyber Monday special for one more day. The Canon EF 16-35mm f/4L IS USM is $999 after the $100 Canon mail-in rebate. This is a $50 drop in the street price. This deal lasts until the end of today, or until sold out (quantities limited).
  2. TODAY ONLY SPECIAL: The 7D Mark II street price is $1639, but today only, dealers will add free expedited (3-day) shipping, to guarantee arrival before Christmas.
  3. We’re pleased to see the return of Sigma street prices. We have the Sigma Art 50mm f/1.4 for $855 and the Sigma Art 35mm f/1.4 for $810.
  4. Finally, we have a bundle deal on the Speedlite 600EX-RT: two 600EX-RT for $899. (Please inquire via the 600EX-RT page but place a comment that you’re interested in a pair.)
  5. These items continue to be reader favorites:

Also, check out our Holiday Deal Recap for currently active deals that you may have missed.

Opinion: How Canon USA Should Address their “Gray Market Problem”


Canon USA recently issued a statement on the gray market. Nothing in the statement should come as a surprise to our readers, we’ve been writing about this for quite some time now.

We’re not shocked to see Canon concerned about the “Gray Market”. Due to a rising dollar, falling yen, and static Canon USA prices (not to mention a strict Minimum Advertised Price), the market has been flooded with “import” models from resellers. The most poignant example was the Black Friday / Cyber Week deals, where imports were priced between $300 and $1000 less than the “full MAP” seen at authorized dealers. There’s no doubt in our minds that this was a primary motivator for the the recent price drop on select bodies and lenses.

In our opinion, though, Canon USA’s statement goes too far and demonizes gray market, describing it with terms like “illegal”, “fake”, and “counterfeit”. You do have to be more careful when buying imports, as there are unscrupulous import resellers whom we’d recommend you stay away from. But, on the whole, many readers report experiences with the major import resellers that have been very positive.

Also, many readers are concerned that “Gray Market Products may not be eligible for coverage under a U.S. warranty” — emphasis added by us. Note, this isn’t news, or a departure from their current written policy, which is to not accept grays for warranty. In practice, however, they have been honoring warranty on grays. As we always disclaim, it’s in their right to unilaterally change this practice at any time. If they do change their practice, we are sure we will hear from reader reports immediately after this change happens, and we’ll communicate it widely. Until then, it is still the status quo.

In our opinion, there is “no news” in this statement — it doesn’t strongly indicate a policy change. It shows Canon USA’s increasing concern and thus sabre-rattling towards the import/gray market forces that are invading and taking Canon USA’s market share.

Rather than disparaging the gray market and focusing on how “bad” grays are (let’s not forget, after all these are the same Canon products from the same factories), our open suggestions to Canon USA are to consider adding value to USA purchases (rather than attacking gray), be faster to respond to global price and currency changes, and eliminate the dreaded Minimum Advertised Price.

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Canon Refurbished Store Restocked — 15%-Off Lenses


The Canon Direct Store sale on refurbished lenses just restocked, about 30 minutes ago. They’re offering 15% off. See the refurbished stock tracker for all items still in stock.

It looks like many of the desirable lenses were available, but sold out within minutes! Browse the used item feed to see what sort of items were re-stocked, their price, and how quickly they sold out. This was probably the last major restock for this sale, which ends on December 20th.

If this post is the first time you’re hearing about the restock — well, you’re doing something wrong! You need to sign up for e-mail notification on a specific item, readers who did were notified within minutes when the restock happened at 12:55 PM ET. We put together a new notification management page where you can see all your active notifications (and manage them from one convenient page). It’s important to set notifications on specific items as these e-mails happen automatically when the restock happens.

If you did this and you snagged something in this incredible sale, leave a bragging comment below!

Hot B&H DealZone: X-Rite i1Display Pro for $129 AR (One Day Only)


A hot B&H DealZone one-day deal: B&H Photo Video has the highly-rated X-Rite i1Display Pro monitor color calibration system for only $129.00, after a $25 mail-in rebate.

This is the lowest price we’ve ever seen on this! (Previous low was $139 Father’s Day sale in June.) This is a DealZone deal, available today only, or until sold out.