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8mm T3.1 Cine UMC Fish-Eye II for Canon EF-M
8mm T3.1 Cine UMC Fish-Eye II for Canon EF-M
10mm f/2.8 ED AS NCS CS for Canon EF-M
10mm f/2.8 ED AS NCS CS for Canon EF-M
EOS 6D with 24-105mm Kit
EOS 6D with 24-105mm Kit
70-300mm F4-5.6 DG Macro for Canon
70-300mm F4-5.6 DG Macro for Canon
PowerShot ELPH 140 IS
PowerShot ELPH 140 IS
was $354
was $465
was $2344
was $144
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was $129
was $2349
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7D Mark II: Last Call for 24-70mm f/4L IS Bundle, Approx. $2080


Many camera stores (including B&H) now show the 7D Mark II as shipping on October 30th. The stores from Canada are no exception, they’ve also announced the same ship date.

The ship date is nearing, and this also means a last call for a great pre-order bundle deal. Camera Canada, a reputable Canadian authorized Canon dealer, has the EOS 7D Mark II and EF 24-70mm f/4L IS USM for $2298 Canadian Dollars + $29 shipping (approximately $2080.00 US dollars, given current exchange rates).

In order to get this deal, it must be ordered by end of day Tuesday (October 21st).
It appears that you no longer need a Canadian address to order this deal.

The US dollar continues to strengthen against the Canadian dollar, making this an even better deal. It is like getting the EF 24-70mm f/4L IS USM for only $280 on top of the price of a 7D Mark II.

Our readers report paying no tax, duty, or other custom fees when purchasing from Camera Canada. Click here to check out the deal at Camera Canada. Please note the official price is $2298 Canadian dollars + shipping. We can’t predict where exchange rates will be on October 30th, as you aren’t billed until the item ships, but at today’s rates it is $2080 USD. Our readers report that Camera Canada has been open to billing in US dollars at the prevailing exchange rate, so you can ask them about this in a week when they are ready to ship the order.

We can also now report that the confusing form with a Canadian address requirement (that was the subject of much consternation) appears to be no longer required to place this bundle order. That is great news!

Street Price is Open Again! Stores Start Shipping on Monday


The camera store closings are almost behind us, and street price orders will begin shipping again on Monday. Thanks for your patience during this closure, and as we work through the backlog! Please note the current Canon mail-in rebate ends on October 25th. We’ll be watching closely for any info on a future Canon rebate.

If you’re new to street prices, here is the quick recap: authorized Canon dealers are no longer permitted to advertise low prices. We help connect you to authorized dealers who are willing to sell for a great price — brand new Canon items with a full Canon USA warranty, free shipping and no tax (in most cases). Read our FAQ, read our testimonials, or browse the great street price list for more details.

Some of the most popular street price deals are:

Hot: EOS 6D + 24-105mm f/4L IS for $1849 (Import) BigValueInc eBay

EOS 6D + 24-105mm

Today’s eBay Daily Deal is from BigValueInc via eBay. They have the Canon EOS 6D with 24-105mm Kit for $1849.99. This ties for the lowest price we’ve ever seen for this kit brand new.

A white-box 24-105mm typically goes for $600, so this is like getting a EOS 6D for only $1249 — an fantastic price.

BigValueInc is a reputable unauthorized dealer who has been a source of reliable deals over the last few years. They have a 98.9% feedback score on high-value Canon items.

This is an import version (physically identical to the US model, but not intended for the US market). A Canon USA warranty is not guaranteed, so the store provides a warranty instead. After one year, your kit becomes the same as every other Canon USA warranty kit: if you need service you will need to pay Canon for it (and Canon will gladly service an grey/import model if you pay for service). Compare with our street price of $2039 AR from an authorized dealer. Transactions on eBay have been generally safe as you can rely on eBay Protection, PayPal Protection, and credit card protection.

Refurbished EF-S 55-250mm IS II for $99 and Other Refurb Price Drops


The Canon Direct Store started a refurbished sale: they have the EF-S 55-250mm f/4-5.6 IS II refurbished for $99.99 (50%-off), free shipping.

They also kicked off a sale: 20%-off most bodies (except the EOS 6D and 5D Mark III). The refurbished EOS 70D is $767.36, but of course savvy readers will instead go for the brand new EOS 70D + printer bundle at Adorama for $799 AR.

They are also offering 30%-off the refurbished EF 24-105mm f/4L IS USM, it is now $643.44, but again, savvy readers should instead consider a brand new copy through our street price for $659.

You can check out our refurb stock tracker to see the select bodies and lenses that went on sale (look for the green-background entries).

First Impressions: Review of The Complete Photography Bundle II


We’ve spent about eight hours going through The Complete Photography Bundle II ($89), a limited time collection (only 3 days left!) of 42 photography educational resources and tools. There’s a significant amount of material and we have only scratched the surface. It’s 35 gigabytes in total, so make sure you have a nice fast Internet connection to download all this material!

The information included ranges from introductory eBooks to informative videos, with a healthy dose of Lightroom tools and presets. Not everything is for everyone, but there’s enough breadth included in this bundle that can surely justify the very reasonable $89 price. Here’s a look at some of our favorites from what we’ve seen, in a rare lengthy review from us:

Zach Arias - OneLight In his OneLight v2.0 educational video, Zack Arias, a professional commercial and editorial photographer, talks you through the nuances of lighting. The first few hours has Zack talking through and testing different lighting options, with the help of Carl, a trusty stuffed squirrel. Later episodes has Zack talking through photoshoots. He’s very direct and informative, but at the same time funny and friendly, which makes this video series really approachable and effective.

Nicole S Young - Landcape Photography Video Tutorial The other tutorial that we enjoyed from the bundle was a Landscape Photography video tutorial from Nicole S. Young — this one focused on Lightroom, Photoshop, and other post-processing techniques to make landscape photography pop. It’s always fascinating to watch other photographers use image processing tools — you’re bound to pick up a few new techniques and ideas — and Nicole uses a variety of different tools to great effect. It’s also good reminder that many great photos are made, not just taken, and is encouragement to improve a great capture in post-process.

Screen-Shot-2014-08-27-at-4.24.24-PM Many of the tutorials use masking as a technique for better post-processing; Topaz ReMask is another great tool included in the bundle to make masking easier. Historically, masking in Photoshop was a fiddly and time consuming process. Having not used Topaz ReMask before this, we’re impressed that a few quick gestures in Topaz is sufficient for extracting even a subtle mask from a noisy background.

Lindsay Adler - Fashion Posing Guide We didn’t find everything in the bundle useful: one of the videos (Splash photography) was a rambly recording of studio sessions and not well edited. The bird photography video, while very informative, was really only a teaser to the next videos in the series (a tiny bit disappointing, but we’re not bird photographers). The eBooks were generally introductory and often too simplistic in nature. They were still good for someone newer to photography or looking to brush up on fundamental concepts and techniques, but didn’t have too much new info for an experienced photographer. There were a few more specific and detailed guides (such as creating better bokeh, long exposure photography) but there were few of these and we were definitely looking for them all to be of that depth. There was one particularly well-produced fashion posing guide from Lindsay Adler (pictured). Some of the poses are over the top but many are generally useful for portraiture. Posing subjects was always difficult…

In summary, we think The Complete Photography Bundle II is a good purchase, with all the different facets, it delivers value beyond the $89 price tag. It’s also nice to see that 10% of every purchase is donated to charity. Please note that this bundle only lasts until noon on October 20th. Reviewing this material this has reminded us that it’s important to remember that photography is more than just upgrading cameras and lenses (as this site is often focused) and learning is always important; we’re looking forward to slowly going over all this material in the months to come, to upgrade the people behind the cameras.

Complete Photography Bundle: eBooks, Videos, and Presets for $89


There’s a fantastic Complete Photography Bundle for only $89. It is a collection of 42 popular products: hours of videos, fifteen eBooks, and hundreds of presets and textures, from well-respected photographers and companies, including Zack Arias and Topaz Labs (Remask). The resources cover all aspects of photography, from shooting techniques to post-production tips and resources.

This looks like a great deal given the sheer volume and breadth of what is included. For the full list check out the bundle — this deal is only available until October 20th. Over 7,000 people have purchased this already in the two days it has been live!

Hot: 5D Mark III for $2513 Import eBay, or $2699 AR Authorized Dealer


EOS 5D Mark III prices have dropped: 6th Ave via eBay has the Canon EOS 5D Mark III for $2513.59. This is the lowest price we’ve seen since November 2013. This is an import model, which means a Canon USA warranty is not guaranteed, the store supplies a one-year store warranty instead.

6th Ave via eBay is a reputable unauthorized dealer with 99.0% positive feedback on high-value Canon items.

If you prefer an authorized dealer with a full Canon USA warranty, we have a street price of $2699 (after the $200 mail-in rebate), only $186 more. Free shipping and no tax.