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5D Mark III + PIXMA PRO-100 for $2749 AR at B&H


If you aren’t interested in our street prices there are a few deals at authorized dealers, thanks to the new rebate.

B&H Photo Video has a bundle of the EOS 5D Mark III and PIXMA PRO-100 for $2749.00, after a $650 mail-in rebate. (You get a $300 mail-in rebate for the camera, and $350 for purchase of camera, printer, and paper.) Click here to check out the deal at B&H.

Many readers have asked why stores are allowed to price this bundle below the minimum advertised price (“MAP”). That’s because MAP only matters on the pre-rebate price. Retailers are allowed to give away items, up to a certain value, and still be compliant with the MAP. When buying a 5D Mark III, the stores have chosen to include a “free” PIXMA PRO-100 and paper (value $398). The pre-rebate price is still above pre-rebate MAP, so this deal is MAP compliant, but because there is an additional $350 rebate, the final post-rebate price is $350 lower than the current body-only post-rebate MAP!

Instead of this MAP funny business, if you are interested in a 5D Mark III body only from an authorized dealer, please check out our great street price of $2599 AR.

Refurb Sale: Tiered Sitewide and Select Bodies, Flashes Discounted


The Canon Direct Store started a cocktail of refurbished discounts tonight: they’re offering $100 off a purchase of $1000 or more, and $50 off a purchase of $500 or more, and have deeper discounts on select items. You see this discount in-cart, look at the total. You can browse the full list of items available on our refurbished stock tracker.

They’re also offering a deeper discount on some refurbished bodies, notably the EOS 6D, EOS 60D, and Rebel SL1, and 25%-off select refurbished flashes, notably the 430EX II, and this stacks with the tiered sitewide discount!

As usual, at the beginning of the sale, very little is in-stock, but we expect a restock sometime during the week. You can sign-up to get notified via e-mail when items are restocked via the refurbished stock tracker.

Here are the best items that are currently in-stock:

The tiered portion discount also applies to new items at the Canon Direct Store, but it may be of little interest as all items are sold at MAP and the Canon Direct Store collects tax to almost all states.

End of Year Canon Mail-in Rebates — November 23rd – January 3rd


No surprise, as the rebate form was accidentally posted by a retailer two days early: the end-of-year Canon mail-in rebates have started. They run until January 3rd, so they are the last mail-in rebates of the year, and thus we shouldn’t expect any more rebate increases.

Notable changes since the previous rebate are an increase in the rebate on the full-frame bodies to $300 each, and also a new rebate initiated on a few lenses:

As usual, these rebates stack with our street prices as our street prices are from authorized Canon dealers. You can rest assured that you are getting the maximum possible rebate this year if you buy now. Read more to see the full, lengthy, list of items on rebate: pretty much everything (except super-telephotos).

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Street Price Specials: 5D Mark III, 7D Mark II, and 6D Bundle Deals


Stacked on top of the new rebates to start tomorrow we have three great street price bundle deals on camera bodies.

Our very popular 5D Mark III grip combo is now at a lower price: the EOS 5D Mark III with a genuine Canon BG-E11 battery grip is only $2,699.00, from an authorized dealer with full Canon USA warranty. No tax to all states, and free standard shipping. This is a fantastic deal as it’s only $100 more than the body; the grip normally goes for $289. If interested, inquire via the EOS 5D Mark III page.

On the 7D Mark II we have a bundle deal: the 7D Mark II with a genuine Canon LP-E6N Battery for $1,699.99. As the battery goes for $75, this is like getting the 7D Mark II for $1625. We also have a very limited number of bodies left at the $1,599.00 special price but there’s a slight caveat with that deal, please inquire if interested to hear about both deals.

We’re pleased to introduce a street price printer bundle: when buying the EOS 6D + 24-105mm f/4L IS Kit, you can add a free PIXMA PRO-100 Printer + Free Photo Paper (after rebate). The bundle street price is $1,939.99 street price (after a $650 mail-in rebate). You pay $2,589, then get a $650 mail-in rebate, $300 for the camera and $350 for the printer. Inquire if interested.

Finally, our street prices on lenses are still going strong. As we now know there will be no more rebate changes for the rest of the year, you can rest assured that you are getting the maximum possible rebate this year if you buy now.

Final Canon Rebates to Start November 23rd — 5D Mark III & 6D $300


We’ve been told that Canon will be starting their final rebate of the season on Sunday, November 23rd. The rebate will end in January, 2015, so this will be the last rebate of 2014, with no more rebate changes coming this year. Comparing these new rebates with the existing current rebates shows the following:

UPDATE: The rebate form has now been accidentally leaked by a certain dealer.

As we said after the last rebate, we didn’t expect a further increase in the lens rebate this year, but we thought that Canon might increase the body rebate slightly. And this happened! As this rebate ends in 2015, there are no opportunities for further rebate increases. This also means that our current authorized dealer street prices on lenses (and newly reduced body street prices due to the increased rebate) are likely the lowest authorized dealer street prices of the year. (We can never rule out retailers changing the pre-rebate street prices, but since prices are already so low, any movements are likely very small.)

We know many readers have been waiting for these rebates, as they would be the best possible deals of the season. They are finally here! There will likely be a large backlog of street price inquiries, so please bear with us and have patience as we work through them all!

Holiday Predictions Part 3: Refurbished (+Free $30 Canon Store Credit)


This is the last in a series of Canon holiday price prediction posts. In Part 1 and its follow-up we covered some price predictions from authorized Canon dealers. In Part 2 we went over unauthorized dealer (e.g. eBay) price predictions. Finally, in this post we’re covering refurbished store prices.

We also have instructions on how to claim a free $30 Canon eCash credit (no purchase necessary), at the end of the post!

The Predictions

Well, these aren’t exactly predictions because we’ve been told (thanks!) a list of some of the things to expect from Canon over the next couple of weeks.

  • A tiered refurbished sale for Thanksgiving week.
    Up to 10% off: $100 off $1000, $50 off $500. Not nearly as good as 15% or 20% off, but maybe we’ll see that come later?
  • EOS 6D for 10% off.
    Yet to be seen if this stacks with the tiered discount, but not a great deal as the final price (including sales tax, which the Canon store charges to most states) will likely end up a bit higher than our street price.
  • 25%-35% Off Rebels, 60D, and 70D.
    Also yet to be seen if this stacks with the tiered discount, but we’re told to expect really great blow-out prices on consumer bodies.

As usual, with any refurbished sale things will sell out quickly, so if you’d like to be e-mailed immediately when a sale starts, please set notifications from the refurbished stock tracker or from a item’s page on our site.

Free $30 Canon eCash

Now, on to the free stuff. It looks like Canon is just giving away $30 of Canon eCash, that can be used as a credit towards a purchase on the Canon Store. It’s fairly straight forward, just fill out a form on their site. (Ignore the rules and regulations on the right. There was supposed to be some flash-based game to play, but the form is a short-circuit to the reward phase.) You will be mailed an eCash voucher within a couple days. Hold on to this, you’ll need it during the refurbished sales!

Still Live: EOS 70D + PIXMA PRO-100 for $799 AR at Adorama


Many readers have asked if this deal is still live, it is: Adorama has a bundle of the EOS 70D and PIXMA PRO-100 for $799.00, after a $350 mail-in rebate.

When you click through to Adorama’s site, you see a price of $1149.00 and no mention of the rebate, but Canon’s rebate form clearly shows a $350 rebate on the purchase of a 70D, printer, and paper from a participating authorized dealer (which Adorama is) before November 22nd.

Because a new rebate period just started on October 26th, you are eligible for this rebate even if you did a printer rebate in a recent previous rebate period. You will also still be eligible for any printer rebate deals that start after November 22nd.

You don’t need to submit the rebate form before November 22nd, you just need to order the camera + printer, and you have a full month to mail the form.

If you want an even sweeter deal, you can add the 55-250mm IS for $99 or the 55-250 IS STM for $149. On Adorama’s site, click the link under “Buy together and save”, and click to the well-hidden “camera lens deals”.