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Live Again: Buy PIXMA-PRO 100 Ink Set, Get $1600 Paper Free

This ridiculously hot deal has been extended and restocked at the Canon Direct Store. When you buy the 8 CLI-42 (for PIXMA PRO-100) ink tanks in pairs, you get “free gifts” of photo paper, totalling 600 sheets of 13×19″ (in semi-gloss, and pro-lustre), and 160 sheets of 8.5×11″ (in sampler packs).

The individual ink tanks cost $16.99 each. You need to buy two at a time to trigger a “free gift” with every purchase of professional ink above $30. This is a total of $135.92 (split over four separate transactions), not much more expensive than buying the combo kit for $124.99. The (inflated) retail value of all the free paper is $1599.80, which is rather silly.

This is a similar deal to the previous free paper deal. This deal sold out once already, but now has been restocked and extended until October 31st — if it doesn’t sell up first — this deal has historically sold out very quickly!

They also have a similar deal on PIXMA PRO-10 ink (but not as good as it requires 3 ink purchases to trigger the $30 threshold).

The fine print shows what is included in each “Pro Paper Variety Pack”: 1 Pack of LU-101 13X19 50 Sheets, 2 Packs of SG-201_13x19 50 Sheets and 2 Packs of PRO Paper Sampler Package.

Newly Announced for Pre-Order: PowerShot G1 X Mark III

We’re now tracking prices on the just announced Canon PowerShot G1 X Mark III for $1299.00 at B&H, Adorama. The PowerShot G1 X Mark III is scheduled to begin shipping towards the end of November.

A first for a PowerShot, the Canon PowerShot G1 X Mark III sports a 24.2MP APS-C CMOS sensor and a DIGIC 7 processor to realize notable image clarity, a wide sensitivity range from ISO 100-25600, an impressive continuous shooting rate up to 9 fps, and Full HD 1080p/60 video recording. The sensor’s design also facilitates Dual Pixel CMOS AF, which offers quick and accurate phase-detection autofocus that benefits both stills and video applications.

The Hidden Value Options in the 5DayDeal Bundle, incl. Adobe CC

Featured Video Play Icon

The 5DayDeal Complete Photography Bundle has a few secret hidden value options. It’s already tremendous value on its own with 29 downloadable training products that include 4500 minutes of videos and 1400 presets, actions, and digital tools. (Not to mention the $20 street price credit we’re throwing in!)

There are also three hidden options that you can add to get even more value:

  • The Charity Match for $24.97. This one’s a no-brainer. Half the purchase price goes to charity, and you get access to 9 pieces of additional content, including the Fstoppers “Photography 101” course.

  • The Pro Bundle Add-On for $12.47. Get another set of actions, courses, and tutorials, including Shift Art’s Tutorial Bundle as they step through the creation of some astounding images.

  • Adobe Creative Cloud All-Apps, 12 Months for $477. During checkout (this is nowhere on the main page), you are offered the opportunity to start or extend a Adobe Creative Cloud All-Apps subscription by 12 months for only $477 — a 15% or $123 savings from the regular price of $600. This is a fantastic price and can almost pay for the entire bundle itself, as CPW reader Matt noted!

We’re almost halfway through the 5DayDeal Complete Photography Bundle, check it out before it’s gone!

Hot: G3X + EVF-DC1 + CS100 + PIXMA PRO-100 for $849 AR

Adorama has a hot bundle deal on the PowerShot G3 X, bundled together with the EVF-DC1 Electronic Viewfinder for G1 X Mark II, Connect Station CS100, and a PIXMA PRO-100 for $849.99, after a $350 mail-in rebate.

Click here to check out the deal at Adorama. The total savings from all the free items in the bundle is huge ($780.60) based on the retail prices of everything in it!

Street Price Dealers Open Again; Select Deals Now Shipping to Canada

Our street price dealers are now open again and taking orders normally. We’re still featuring quite a few recent price drops, as well a very popular two+ lens combo mail-in rebate.

We’re also very pleased to announce that our readers from Canada can now take advantage of select street prices. Please fill out the street price form (providing your postal code in lieu of a zip code), and we’ll send you details on the best street price deal that can ship to Canada. Please note, the best price that ships to Canada may not be the same as the best US street price due to shipping and other constraints.

Save $20 On Next Street Price, with Purchase of 5DayDeal Bundle

The 5DayDeal Complete Photography Bundle is already a great deal — for only $117 you get hours of instructional videos, a library of eBooks, and many useful presets and tools. We’re going to sweeten this deal some more: if you purchase the 5DayDeal Complete Photography Bundle 2017 through our link, you will receive a $20 discount on your next street price purchase!

To take advantage of the savings: buy the 5DayDeal Complete Photography Bundle through our link. Then, use the same e-mail address at our street price form, mention that you purchased the 5DayDeal bundle, and we’ll take $20 off your next order! There is no minimum purchase amount, but we ask that you complete your street price purchase before December 31st, 2017. We have some great deals right now.

Check out the 5DayDeal Complete Photography Bundle if you haven’t already, and remember that you only have until October 18th before the bundle goes away… forever!

5DayDeal “Complete Photography Bundle” for $117, 5 Days Only

Our friends at 5DayDeal have put together their “The Complete Photography Bundle” for the 5th straight year. This is their “classic” bundle of eBooks and videos focused on making you a better photographer. It’s available for only $117 for five days only — the deal expires on October 18th at 3 PM ET, and this bundle will never be offered again!

This “The Complete Photography Bundle” is their traditional bundle, focused on how to take great shots, and how to post-process them into astounding photographs. We spent some time reading and reviewing the bundle and our thoughts are below.

We found the following parts of “The Complete Photography Bundle” the most interesting:

  • Our favorite item this year was the eBook LIT: Lighting Secrets of the World’s Best Wedding Photographers. It features 52 gorgeously lit shots from 52 different wedding photographers — with a full description of the shot and lighting setup. A great source of inspiration from a varied source (not just the same photographer for an entire book.)
  • A very close second was David Nightingale’s Essential Guide To Black And White Photography. David starts by covering the philosophy and aesthetic of black & white photography, with many great examples to explore what makes a good color vs. black & white photograph. This is followed by a detailed technical explanation for black & white conversion in Lightroom, Photoshop, and other popular tools, in addition to image toning techniques.
  • Posing subjects is always difficult, and there are two interesting guides: Jeff Rojas’ instructional video on posing men, and Brent Mail’s sequence/flow for posing models.
  • Blake Rudis has a very skillful video tutorial on Dodging and Burning in Photoshop which takes this difficult artform to entirely new levels.
  • We haven’t had time to go through all of them, but there are many creative presets and tools that can help accelerate many workflows as well as explore new design styles.

As before, if you see just a few items of interest in the “The Complete Photography Bundle”, it’s worth a purchase at $117. You never know — perhaps something unexpected in the bundle will inspire you. As an added plus, 10% goes to charity.