About canonpricewatch.com

canonpricewatch.com was founded in 2010 out of a need for good, honest, price comparisons for Canon photography equipment. The site is run by a small group of photography professionals, and we only list the most reputable merchants -- stores that we ourselves would frequent, and merchants we wouldn't hesitate to refer family to. We also understand US warranties vs. grey market, by presenting all these options to you, you can make an informed choice. We update our prices hourly and let photographers track the changing prices through handy graphs.

In 2013, we decided to take our site to the next level and now feature a "Hot Deals Blog", featuring the very best in Canon deals from authorized dealers, unauthorized dealers, and refurbished options. We haven't lost track of our roots though, and all our deals are supported by years of pricing history and data. We are proud of the community of Canon deal-seekers that we have built!

Before canonpricewatch.com, we founded PhotoPrice.ca in June of 2007, and have quickly turned that into Canada's most popular photography comparison shopping website.

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